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Brazilian CP recruiting portuguese or english speaking players !
Our Leader speaks fluent english and portuguese, has many years of experience with L2 Classic and would like to come to the official server
If you have a character or not you are all invited, and levels wont matter! 
(everyday GMT-5 from 6pm until 9pm, being flexible about it to sometimes playing more if needed) 

CP Brasileira com varios anos de experiencia recrutando!
Tendo char ou nao estao todos convidados ! sem limitacoes de lvl 
(PS: Compromisso e importante ! das 21h as 00h de brasilia)

DD - Dagger - FOUND
DD - Tyrant - FOUND
DD - Tyrant - 
TANK - Dark Avanger - 
SWS - Swordsinger - FOUND
BD - Bladedance - 
OL - Overlord
BS - Bishop
SE - Shillien Elder - FOUND

If interested get in contact and we can talk about it ...

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