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BD LF CP - Talking Island


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LvL 46 BD looking for a regular English speaking CP.


Full C Armor/Jewels

Mid  - D dual swords for now.


Preferably looking for a Mage/Warrior/AOE CP or alternatively a fast paced group moving through the zones. 


Democracy. I am expecting every member of the CP to have a say on certain things and dictatorship isn't what I am looking for. 

Play Time/Time-zone

I am usually online from around 12pm GMT (UK time) up to 12am GMT (UK time). However, where necessary, these times can be amended to accommodate and adapt to NA players. 

End Note

In general I am here to have fun, thus, while I am expecting to grind a lot, I also expect us to be fighting for spots and be ready to pvp where necessary. I am not looking for the group that aren't ready to die and lose 4% where necessary. 

If I am of any interest to any CP's around, please do drop me a message on the forum. 

P.S. Discord and TS - Available. 




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