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[Live servers] Some newbie questions

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Lightkeeper    25

Hi, so I decided to give the live servers a shot. I've made an Elven Elder and I've figured out I recieved some 30-day Emperor Shunaiman's weapons which allows me to pretty much 1-shot everything since they're no-grade. I understand that I need to follow the line of quests to get me to 85, but then:

1) I want to get to participate in the event asap, so - what's the quickest way to get to level 90? What are some of the must-do's I need to follow? Which is the best solo hunting spots? Mind you, I have the OP weapons for next 30 days so I should be pwning even with healer. :) 
2) How do I make money? I used to play on Innova a few months back for a while but they decided to murder the solo farming spots (and even some instances) to 'fight the bots', so I didn't really get to put my hands on much adena.
3) Assume that I've inherited 2 billion adena from my recently deceased uncle (RIP), what's the first thing I should invest in to prevent me from getting one-shotted in PvP? Is it enchanting the robe? Is it some talismans? Maybe those jewel boxes that ppl are selling? Or something else that I'm missing?
4) What does "Chaos Essence" do? Also what's the difference between "Chaos Essence" and "Chaos Essence (dual class)"?
5) I've found I have a lot of goodies in my WH from a long time ago I've created my char - I've also found a "Belis' Mark" which I couldn't find a use for, so I can only assume it's something extremelly rare and pricey for high levels. How much can I get for it in auction?

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