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Year 1ac : Mid-Fall : Family First : SerialKillers : Aden Active Lore


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“Things… things, things, things… You are not your things, having more things will never make you rich. Castles, Territory, Power and Wealth all fade and will be lost to time. The loss you feel for something you would eventually lose anyway is an entirely futile attempt to hold on to something already lost. The memories, experiences, and stories you live through a long journey is the real currency of your time here, for it will be with you until your last breath. So share yourself truly, freely and with everyone you meet, some will agree with you, some will not. Those who stick around and walk with you on your path, we call them friends and family and having them makes us truly rich.” ~ The Legendary Lord Punish
 Punish had probably slain a hundred Leto Lizardman Soldiers but it was the Archers he truly, truly disliked. “Ouch! You Son of a B*%@h” screamed the young lord. Calling upon what little combat training he had managed to accumulate along his studies in Clan Lordship he called upon his skill at Ultimate Evasion as the Leto Lizardman Archer continued his ranged assault pushing him to his absolute limits. As the arrows flew grazing his flesh, drawing blood the Dark Elf Archer managed to nock a final arrow and pray his Power Shot landed on target to end the exchange of raining death.

As his reflexes quickened from his skill, the Leto Lizardman let loose a final arrow and Punish let fly his special attack, crossing mid-air the exchange fell to the Legendary Lords Favor this time but at a heavy price, deeply wounded, his LegendaryKnight low on mana from intense battle and heavy sigh washed over his bloodied lips having only barely claimed victory from the clutches of near certain death. The Leto lay dead, Punish barely alive.

“HAHA, HEY! Brother! What's UP!!!! :D” came a surprise greeting directly behind the Legendary Lord. “OH MY F#$@ GOD!” exclaimed the startled Prince, recognizing the voice. “LOL, Stop Following me! :D” replied the dwarven female. “Oh No! This time it’s all you, you’re definitely following me.” answered Punish, a slight grin creeping across his bloodied face. Standing before him was the three-foot-tall, dwarven Warsmith Clan Lord Hatecrafted clad in her Halloween costume, Atuba Hammer slung playfully over her shoulder, flanked on either side by her trusted Clan Officers Critler and EvilElrond.

Punish had first met the fun-sized Lord during the Summit of Lords and since that time he and the dwarven ninja had unintentionally or intentionally bumped into each other as they traveled the land, attaining experience and skill to earn the right to lead their respected clans. They had both come far and had yet further to go along their journey and had over time built a mutual respect for one another, and aside from the occasional startling surprise here and there the two had become friends.
“So you’re training on these Leto’s TOO?! I hate these Bast#$d’s, I’M training with the CrEw and We’Re gonna MuRDER thiS pLacE. HAHAHA” exclaimed the dwarf excitedly. “The ARcHer’s HiT like WiMPs, but I Don’T, I’m Ready to GooOOOO, LOL, GRrrr”, “Let’s ME at EM, LEMME AT EM!”, “KILL EM ALLL!”

Punish head half-cocked had enjoyed his encounters with the Warsmith but occasionally, would think to himself there is something a little “off” with the leader, head remaining still, his eyes would meet Critlers seeking answers.

Critler taking notice, mouthed the word’s silently, “SHE’s. HAD. ALLOT. OF. CANDY.”, “ALLOT!”. Silently the Dark Elf acknowledged the answer and understood, she was in her costume after all. “So Hatecrafted, have you found the Metal Hardener Recipe you had been looking for?” asked Punish. “F@%K No! THIS A$@H$#e’s won’t come up off it, I’VE MURDERED like 1000 of these damn Lord of The Plains and NOTHING!”, “I’M, GoNna SKIN their A$$es ALIVE, They are DEFINITELY out to get me, I can SEe it in their Freaking EYES Bro!”, replied the craftsman just as excited before, only this time a barely perceptible twitch in her left eye could be noticed as she carried on with her tale. “I’LL KilL EVERY LAST one THESE Leto’s I’m GettING that RECIPE Damn IT, KILL EM ALL!”, “KILL EM ALL RIGHT GUYS!”

Critler and EvilElrond nodded, readily, smiles displayed across both their faces. There is a certain charisma with the three-foot tall killer that paints the seemingly normal hum drum world of Aden in brighter color.
“We’Re Freaking MAFiA Brother, STRAIGHT MAFIA!” laughed Hatecrafted, as the others followed suit. “I can see that!”, smiled Punish.

Just then another traveler stopped to admire the fresh kill as they were running to the town of Oren. The Priests of the Ivory Tower had implemented some substantial taxes on the citizens of Aden and these days everyone was on foot. “Oh, you’ve killed an Archer, those are pretty tough” stated the traveler. “Thank you, they are extremely hard at the rank I am but I needed to test myself.”, replied Punish. “I think I’ve heard of you, aren’t you the one that led the RAID  Army from Gludio against the Ratman Chief?”

Punish recalling the massacre, breathed a heavy sigh and replied, “Yes, that was me.”. “HAHA! You’re responsible for killing like over a hundred PEOPLE”, chuckled to himself. “That’s KiNda Rude ya ThINK bRo?” stated Hatecrafted toward the traveler. “It’s true though, this Dark Elf’s name is infamous, so many died that day.” Was the traveler’s response. “Well, I’ll leave you be “Legendary” Lord Punish”, the traveler feigned reverence. “I’m on my way to town after killing a Lord of Plains back there, I just looted this Metal Hardener Recipe” the traveler flashed a smile and displayed his prize. “You LuCKy MotheRF#$%ker!” gasped Hatecrafted, obviously envious. “I’lL BuY that OFf You RIGHT now! How much YOu want For it?!” the Warsmith offered. “It’s not for sale, my Clan needs this for our Smith, short stuff.” the traveler replied.

“FiNe, FiNE, We’lL get it EventuALLY”, replied Hatecrafted. “You’lL get there someday Pun :D” Hatecrafted stated turning his attention back to the young Archer. “AnywayZ, want some FOCUS?! OMG its BetteR than CANDY!!!”

The traveler turning to run toward Oren, paused as he noticed EvilElronds dual blades, “Besides, I think your Clan could do with saving your coin for some upgrades. HA!” taunted the traveler. “These do the job for now, as like everyone else the hunting lately has been somewhat less than optimal, I’ll make due.”, replied EvilElrond. Just then Critler let out a deep and heavy sigh, looked at the ground, turned slightly away from the group, gazing skyward as if pleading with the gods. “And here we go” he whispered. EvilElrond, initially caught in the moment of self-defense paused as if a sudden realization washed over him and gazed upon the traveler. Punish noticing this obvious change in posturing was completely perplexed as he noticed Hatecrafted slowly turn her head toward the one antagonizing her Clan Member.
Just then EvilElrond with a grin spreading across his face stated flatly, toward the traveler “Trick or Treat?” 

“Excuse M….”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!”, screamed Hatecrafted as her small frame changed in an instant into raging beast of unparalleled destructive force that seemingly laid dormant below the surface of her cute but somewhat “off” demeanor. “YOU INSULT > MY < CLANnIE?!?!” the Warsmith accused the traveler as she raised her Atuba deftly above her head “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!”, “F#$K I DON’T EVEN CARE” with ease she proceeded to lay strike after brutal strike upon every inch of the traveler’s body, Punish wide-eyed, caught completely off guard gasped, “HOLY SHIT”, looking to Critler and EvilElrond for some measure stability in the brutal scene.

“You SON&#$B#@Ch, I’LL SHOW YOU”, “Don’T yOU, EVER F#$King, TaLK Sh#T about oUR CLAN”, “You C*$K, BaS$ard, A#$, C#$T, MO#$HerF#@Ker, DIPS#$T, Don’T YoU KNoW WhO we ArE!?”, “DIE”, “DIE” 

Strike after Strike after brutal Strike the assault continued, in the background as the others finally acknowledge each other and not simply focusing on the attack taking place feet away from them. Crtiler back turned simply smirking, seemingly counting out loud with each successive curse word that flew out of the Pink Haired, costumed, Autba wielding enforcers mouth. “You know these aren’t all that bad blades really,” EvilElrond Stated to Punish. “She usually gets tired around like 65 or so…..” stated Critler obviously having fun with Punish and his reaction to the event playing out.

“That switch FLIPPED, pretty damn quick!” Punish exclaimed. EvilElrond and Critler could only shrug, “That’s the Boss.” they both replied, the ease and factual tone in their voices relaying the vicious encounter might be a normal everyday thing with their Lord.

“AND f*CK YouR L#$CKY DUMB A@# and THOSE Damn LETO’s!!!” Hatecrafted stated with a finality to her voice.”, “And I’ll TAKE THAT! Yoink!” pulling the Metal Hardener recipe from the now very dead traveler. Reaching into her coin purse Hatecrafted threw 50,000 adena on the ground as payment for her prize and refocused her attention back to the group.

“So…. Anyways. About that FOCUS, I think you’re gonna LOVE IT!”, Hatecrafted stated toward Punish, Halloween costumed stained blood red from head to toe. Punish could only look upon the not-so-fun-sized dwarf in awe, mouth agape having witnessed the deadliest blitzkrieg player kill of his entire life.

A steady and long silence passes as the young Dark Elf can only stare at the bright red lollipop addict.
“What? …. Oh, that? I know my friends can take insults, I can take it too, I’m not a thief either. But I will BURN the World to the GROUND for my family.” she relayed with complete and sincere honesty.
“I understand the Clan Banner now….” Punish expressed, “SerialKillers…. It’s quite fitting.”

“Straight up MAFIA Bro!” Hatecrafted giddily exclaimed, “Anyways, Let’s buff you up, we’re gonna get outta here and work my Karma off!”, “Let’s go guys”. “We got you Boss”, answered Critler.
As they turned to find their way to a secluded place to pay the gods for her actions, Punish whispered to EvilElrond, “Maybe, you guys could reduce her Candy intake a bit? Holy F#$K…”, to which his response didn’t surprise the Legendary Lord.
“We tried once, she bites…. really freaking HARD” 

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