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How to filter out the unread topics from the classic section?


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Hi Guys, before the classic went live, the most convenient way for me to browse forums was to use the Unread Content filter. Now, after Classic sections have been added, I do not see any way to filter those out.

Has anyone figured out of if there is a way to do that? I am interested only in the Live section and I hate to go through each subsection manually. I'd like to have all unread topics from live in one list.

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If you are logged into your forum account, you can go to the Classic forums and simply press the speech bubbles for each Classic section, which will mark that entire section as read. If you then return to "Unread Content", you will only have LIVE topics left - at least until a new post is made in any of the Classic forums. Hope that helps :) 

Enjoy our forums!

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