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Classic Server


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I know there's many of you who are a bit annoyed over the topic, but try to put this into consideration. If a classic server launch would happen and if it's done right, I can see many of the players who've played back in the day would gladly come back to roots of the game. Right now many of those players are on low rate private servers, but they tend to move from one low rate private server to another because of donations, etc. 

Here's what I mean by done right:

If only NCsoft could set adena to be pointless. If only NCsoft could set it to where equipment can't be traded, dropped, or sold. This include full drops. If dwarves could actually be bounty hunters and/or warsmiths again. Players in the same clan with bounty hunters, warsmiths are able to craft their entire clan gear. How to do that? Go out there together, grind together for whatever material that's needed, and craft the gear for their clan members. Armors and weapons should be crafted by the clan's artisan Only way you can enchant your gear should be through the clan's scavenger. Non-grade can be bought from the town shop, but anything above D grade should be crafted. Enchantment scrolls can't be traded, dropped, or sold. If the scroll fails by the scavenger, it fails. It's called working together as a team. If healers, buffers, or any other of the classes go back to the true roots why they were even thought of in the first place players would come back to the game. Make it to where there's a monthly subscription, exploiters are known to the public, each log in and log out are on record for you guys to keep track of for each and every little thing that we do in game. Here's only some of my ideas..I have so much more..I'm going to end this with a video that means a lot to us veterans...


Take care,


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