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Level 55 is bugged, and here is why

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Hello everyone, forgive me if this has been highlighted in another thread but i couldn't find it.


Level 55 to 56 is bugged. 

L2wiki classic states it takes 67.7m experience to level from 55-56

Source - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level


However in-game, X1 1m experience scroll gives 0.80%. Now 100% ÷ 0.80% =125, that is 125m experience needed for level. This is almost double what is suggested on the l2wiki. It takes less exp to level 60-61.


To my understanding this wiki is not official wiki for NA region. However, this experience chart has been accurate until now. Perhaps it is an intentional change? I shouldn't think so but maybe.


Could @Hime or @Juji shed some light?


Thanks for reading!

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When will ppl learn that the wiki is for a licensed server run by innova and has nothing to do with NA 'official' servers.

Yes many things are similar but just as many are not, xp tables are one of them and have been for years.



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6 hours ago, Garfield said:

It’s been discussed already in some other thread from what I recall

Yes, the exp tables are different, you need about 500% more exp to reach max level vs Innova exp table as far I remember(but I might have missread it)

You did misread it.  That comparison was based on exp from retail.

For all other levels, it's been 100% accurate.

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