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how to make money ?


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Guys how to make money to buy gear couse in past i had spoiler but now in new chronice its so hard make money should i make some sumoner and make macro ? hmm meybe watch market buy cheap sell more ? what to do help i rly want day dark set +8 ^^ for my Healer ...

what spot gives good money ? whitch mobs drop something good ?

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Good day mate! 

If you are looking for a spot to macro and get enough adena for a +8 dark set for your healer, you are on the wrong path! 

1st of all, all pvp items are really expensive! We can all agree, if you want to get relevant in pvp and survive 1-2-3 hits from a VISA pvp warrior, you need to invest a lot of your dollars.

Not only dark items are expensive and impossible to obtain by simply playing the game and having fun, THERE ARE LOTS OF PVP ITEMS YOU NEED!

Dark set, epic jewels, brooche with jewles/stones 3-4-5 lvl, talismans, dark weapon with 3 sa, circlet of power,cloak etc etc .. the list goes on and on mate!

TY NCsoft, we all see PEOPLE want to play,but you simply do not want to let them do that, PLAY! 

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thats a good question.

im not looking for pvp. just some pve items. but i dont know how to get adena.

New players have difficult even to buy soultshot R. 

Thank God I did a quest with 40kk reward. I was almost broke.

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