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2 minutes ago, AlexS2000gr said:

Really?YOu wrote this???Dmn You are so clever...But as i see you never played l2 before

Why this anger? Can’t face reality? Welcome to retail Lineage 2 server


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2 hours ago, Garfield said:

No, such things do not exist on retail servers

I can confirm that even though players have asked for this many times, it is claimed to be technically impossible. Whatever you chose as your 'main' class will NEVER be available to change. Do not waste time waiting for an opportunity, just create a new char and you will be done. And it doesn't even cost anything.

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28 minutes ago, Skyes said:

That would be quite unfair. People would create Nukers/Mages, LVL up pretty fast, then reroll to another class they want.

That's tru, this would be unfair... any way, if NCSoft find profits on this way... well, may be they could think about it, but I hope they don't.

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