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Mobs, do they drop anything at all?


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I thought it was just me, but all i see is Adena.

Going for a Hatchling so i need some materials... But when i think about it, from level 1 to level 73 i havent gotten anything from any mob i killed except adena. It kills the game knowing that nothing drops... 

I hope i´m wrong here, but do they drop anything? If not, will making a dwarf using Spoil help with my problem, or have they just removed drops all together?


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Hello mate, NCsoft removed almost all drops from mobs! So getting any drop or even adena is rare nowadays! I'm Some high level zones is much better,but in order for you to xp/farm there you need to invest lets say ~ 2000$ usd!!! 

Pity but NCsoft are running their servers like that nowadays! 

USE L2Store or be useless after 99, rly sad politics by NCsoft

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So they removed a vital part of the game, or any mmorpg, drops. That will probably not be well received by my friends sadly. So we might aswell look for other games..

I have a hard time figuring out how everyone is fine with this change? Imagine if Blizzard did this to WoW.

How long ago did they do this?


So the materials i am after i can´t get at all, with or without a scavenger?


Or will the items i need Coal and Charcoal be easier to get at a higher level? So many questions xD

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Mate, some of the old materials you can buy, but the problem is that the game is 100% pay to win, it is a VISA pvp/pve game! The Glory Days of Lineage 2 are over, now only milking your Dollars is important. What you remember of the insane good pvp/pve game is lost due to greed! 

I encourage you to try the game out, but do not go into the rabbit hole and spend any money on it! Play the free content with your friends, give it a go! 

Cheers mate! 

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Yes, by all means, simply try the game. Otherwise you will always have a nagging feeling that everything we tell you here are the ramblings of embittered old veterans :)

As far as your Hatchling quest is concerned, I have the impression that you might be following an outdated guide. Here is the current version of the quest, starting with the Pet Manager in Giran:
The materials you need you can nowadays be bought for adena from Mineral Trader Kiki in Giran, a female Dwarf at the stairs from Warehouse Street to Central Square, not far from the Pet Manager. The link you want is "How about some ingredients?".
About halfway down the Korean quest guide you will find a table which variety of Hatchling (Wind, Star, Twilight) you get from talking with which dragon.

As far as the general drops and spoils are concerned, as Argus has pointed out, they have been greatly reduced, depending on hunting ground by a factor of 100~1000. What used to have a drop rate of 10% now can have 0.1% or 0.01%. That's crafting materials. Key mats like axe blades etc. are much lower.
As far as spoils are concerned, the problem is that since the mass layoffs in December 2012 the NCKorea Powerbook Wikipedia is only sporadically updated, so we can't be sure, but according to habitual spoilers, spoils still exist, albeit rarely, in party hunting grounds (where no Herbs drop), but have been completely removed in lvl 99+ solo hunting grounds. To be absolutely clear, we are talking here not about a very low chance but a drop rate of precisely zero.

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