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Amount of EXP u need from 55 to 56 seems not right


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2 hours ago, ZygiA said:

That makes no sense though. Milestone or not lol. 

It was always like this, prob not on 55 till 56, but hitting specific level always felt hard. While it takes you EXP from Level 1 untill 79, it takes from 79 untill 80 alone. The same happens from 21 to 22 here. while it felt like leveling untill 21 is an easy cake, hitting 22 took you like 3 times the exp. Befor 21, every level needed EXP increased by like 20.000 EXP. Then, out of nowhere, 21 to 22 needed an addition of 230.000 EXP instead of the 20.000 EXP befor.

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