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1 hour ago, NazgullSupport said:

I don't understand the second section you made in your question. About the first part, you can report outside the towns and just pressing it, that's ll

sorry my bad english

I'm sitting out of town afk report me as boot me debuff in? What's wrong, the account bans me?


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Well, since I remember, if someone reports you as bot, you'll get one captcha to solve between 20 minutes. If you don't solve it between that time, you will get debuffed, but at first time you won't be banned for that. In order to receive a bot report, you must be reported at least by 3 characters. It suppose that if you get that report NCSoft start to investigate if you are a real BOT and it could finish in a Ban. Please refer to this notes and look for "Bot report button":

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8 hours ago, LACROFT said:


How does this button work? Is it possible to send you a report while you are sitting outside the city? I really do not understand you get to the game and you have debuff now the next thing to stay without the account for a ban?

Happened to me also once and support dont give a shit about anything then "working as intended" just being curious, were you in Dion shop mode?


Im thinking some places can report players as far the reporter is out of peace zone.

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