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Newbie questions

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this post is old i know, cuz i wanted to reroll i was mage/summoner used same robe/retri (lv 89/98) and i opened a kamael for fun and i liked the view with wings etc. i went yul trickster and dual dagger (the elf one) so kamael yul/othell but jesus market is EMPTY even this now 1 year later. i asked some1 one dagger apoc +4 1sa 150 he said 600kk -_- and not to mention there are no shooters NOT ONE GOOD apoc or some enchanted at least +4 2sa 300. i dont want the bow there is a reason i went kamael i wanted xbow. but with these 2 classes xbow/dagger is impossible to get weapons so yea THAT IS A GOOD reason to stop it. or not delete i can use it for freya/zaken still they are 85 ;p


and i think as a new player thise leg lv 1 +3 -1 are good. u can get 2 dex 1 str for each. so u get 3str 5 dex -2 cons xD but kamael has higher stats on cons than dark elf

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2 think i can prove for sure

1. Dex not affect damage, and not affect crit damage rate on stab, was test it, on stab, was make same type of damage on 10 min, was make same number of Top Mid and low damage on stab, was add +15 dex
2. no mater what Crit damage you get, stab will make same damage, if you get 15% skill crit damage or 15% normal crit damage, you will make same top damage. if some1 say different, he not know othell at all.


If Some1 have Clean Octavis Neck on naia, pm me, i want to prove there is 5% skill power on that jewel. i'm a test master, i know how much damage i make on 1% skill power, so will know how much increase this neck give, if i test it out

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