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Bot report exploit!!!


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Hi, so I left my char AFK for more than 4hours on the SOS spawn and to my surprise once I came back I had a popup saying that I entered or missed to enter the verification code and that my char has been flagged. If it is possible to report char outside of town zone when the char is not doing anything then in the future it might be exploited during the sieges, pvp etc.....

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For that sole purpose I always use a scroll of escape when wanting to go AFK and regen my MP. Not like the good old day when you were just running to a road or a mountain to sit comeback a few moments later and go back to killing.

Highly recommend you to do the same. I don't know if you have done PVP yet, but people are already abusing the bot report button. You kill em they come back and you gotta enter a captcha code... This is L2 now

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  • L2 Team

Bot Reports cannot be used in the siege areas or during clan wars. We are waiting on a fix from the Dev team now to adjust the amount of reports needed to receive the penalty as we have been seeing several cases of abuse with the function.

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