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Healer weapon: Staff or 1H + Shield?


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I am playing an Elven Elder and I always used to play that with 1H weapon plus a shield before sigils are introduced in the game. But now I have come in doubt if it is better to go with a staff instead for the extra m.atk.

I am not sure how much of a defence advantage I get with a shield. Maybe in PVP against archers. But the increased m.atk does give a bit more heal.

Any advice?

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In PvE, the shield used to help against archers too. But the main reason was the Acumen SA on 1-handers (which does no longer apply).

Still, I'd say that for an EE, slightly higher tanking abilities are better than slightly higher healing abilities. Of course, it depends on how you play the game.

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You guys are as split as me :)

Right now I have a Staff of Life + Full Plate Shield. So the question now is if I should switch to a Sage Staff with 111 m.atk or try to get something like a homunculus at 101 m.atk and keep the shield. A sage staff can be acquired through the Lux shop for around 6.3M Adena and I am pretty sure that a homunculus or equivalent 1H weapon would be more like 10 M adena because of their rarity.

Decisions, decisions :)

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