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How to get adena fishing?


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Hello Everyone, how's going? 

Can anyone explain how to get adena with fishing? I just saw a lot of people doing it but i dont know how to make adena. 

We fish and then sell it to npc? or we pick and double-click on it for get itens?


Thank you!

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You just can´t get adena with fishing...

If you sell all the ugly and nimble fish to npc, and trade powerful fish for elcyum powder, then resell those elcyums por 1,25m each.

your profit is 0, at least ur loss is 0 also.

But if you sell the elcyums for 1m at npc, prepare for great loss of adena.


People fish for 2 reason:

xping (while bad xp, its completely safe)

quests (some want to have factions at high lvl, and others do to finish exalted part 4)



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Before it was possible to make adena while fishing, since the conversion from Powerful Fish to Elcyum Powder was good and Elcyum Powder was worth 2m adena each selling to NPCs, in Light Castles.

At the moment it's not possible to make adena with fishing. Like @Tatsuya said, people use it to level up "lowbie" characters (example: 85 -> 95) and level up fishing faction level.

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