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Yellow Talismans Questions


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Hi there mates! here is a concern about how this Yellow Talisman - P. Def. or any other works...
This Talismans have 60/60 Charges, can be refilled? (gues not)
how it supose to works? i see that if you equip it, then 1 charge is taking from total, same if you take it off and put it again ,every time 1 charge is missing. Besides, if you logout, or get dcied and reconnect, 1 charge is used again... (WTF... this is a bug i think?).
what others circunstances take charges from Talismans?
this is the one i got https://l2wiki.com/classic/Yellow_Talisman_-_P._Def.
Tkx for answers and help about this things, have a great day people!

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These shadow items use "mana", which, as you correctly observed, decrease:

  1. Each minute (while equipped) by 1
  2. On each equip by 1 (including when you login into character)
  3. On each active skill use, by X (this primarily applies to shadow items with event skills like Return/Escape or B Res)

This is all as intended, and that's how all shadow items have worked ever since they were introduced.

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