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LF summoner guide


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Hello I just started to play as wynn elemental master and Iam looking for proper guide for him. I have questions what ability use, what dyes needed, in what weapon and armor focus, which elemental is best, what sub skills use, which dual class would will sue best for wynn and maybe have good advices for newbie. Thanks for all for answers:) 

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Summoner atm is at the lowest threshold of viability , that means it sucks.

In case you still want to keep up with ur Wynn here is my advice:


-If u are an elf u can easily buy cheap dyes STR+5 / DEX -2 from mysterious fragments ( i use them also on 105 :D)

-Element doesn't matter usually for pve u go Holy or Wind.

-Patk is the main source of ur dmg and it's the best scaling stat on summoner.

-Pets share 100% ur attribute. U need ~700-750 to get full bonus. Paagrio's pots help a lot as it gives 200 attribute to pets. 100 from buff on u and 100 from buff on pets.

-The same priority goes for AP. Patk and attribute atk comes 1st. I put crit dmg on lower priority.

-You are looking for all the active buffs that boost patk/crit dmg. For example Abundance tali , savage , Hurricane shackle lv2 (with noble AP), Taurus BR , PVE cloak +7++, Giant crit dmg buff


Light armor (robe only if u have feoh dual)

Retri      PVE+8++ SAs Patk + HP + Tyrr or Patk + Crit dmg + Tyrr   or E.Shadow     Aug +70 attribute or +15% Crit dmg

Jewels   B.valakas is very good the others u can use w/e. Rings S. baium + S.AQ / E.Wyrm / Creation

Brooch  Ruby 3 (at least) / Tanza (very good) / Diam / Opal / Emerald

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