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Some GUIDE to LvL ( zone )20 to 40 for Warrior+PP+SE


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Personally, when leveling a PK+SO+Cl trio (SO + Cl were 30+ already, so your experience might differ):

  • Level 20-24: AC
  • Level 24-28: OB
  • Level 28+: AN

Now, at level 35+, you might be tempted to go for zones with part 1x, part 2x HP mobs - like Plains of Lizardmen or Timak Orc Outpost (which the associated quest advertises as a party area). Don't. The slow-ish monster respawn and very low spawn density will slow down your XP gain and the occasional spawn of Earth Guardian(s) is not enough to compensate.

Also, you might want to go to CT1. Don't. The monsters are all in the same clan, so attacking one will cause all nearby monsters to aggro you. Aside from that, Krators have superboosted def (both p and m), are aggro and use long range magic, but give barely better XP than NACs - clearly not worth it.

Even post 40 you might want to stay in AN for a level or two.

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On 25/11/2018 at 10:39 AM, FesterAdams said:

If you have good equip then lvl till 26 or 28 in school of dark arts (dark elven zone). In the central room deep in the school (Merkenis escorts etc, all aggro) . Pulls need 1 min and mobs respawn within half a minute. There is no better spot till 28 in the whole game.

And after 28? 35-40? Ant nest i guess?

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