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Tyrant or TH with boxed PP?

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I’m going to start up on Giran and I’m just wondering whether someone could advise  whether to play Tyrant or a TH with a boxed PP? I’ll be soloing with my box 95% of the time.

 I know there’s an issue with both because you can’t afford the dagger or fists for a while! 

I have experience playing both and enjoy both, but I want to know which would be better I’m the current patch/server situation.

thanks in advanced for any replies. 

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1 hour ago, iamCookieDoe said:

I’ll be soloing with my box 95% of the time.

Soloing on this chronicle is a joke. It might sound like a good idea, but once you get into AoE party and realize that you're getting 10x more exp than you would if you were solo, you'll change your mind :D

Which is why I'd definitely suggest Tyrant. The solo potential is around the same as with TH (you will have to do so until level 40 anyway considering lack of AoE skills on 1st class), but after you get your 2nd transfer completed you'll also get to get invited in AoE parties :) 

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