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Our rates have nothing to do with the real ones from 2005 or Skelth (the wiki).


It is really zone-dependent example:


A Mirror in FoM is expected to drop 586-1369 adena

The actual Aden drop is 135-280

It's easy to know that no one would farm for hours there in order to find out actual drop rates - it's utter madness and a loss of adena to kill x2 mobs.


A good example of CT drop we had graciously compiled by @Devoid can be found here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/8143-experiment-ct-drops-post-11-07/?tab=comments#comment-64342

As you can see the drop rates there after the fix are 50% of the real ones.

They were horrible before that.


Each zone seems to have customized drop and most zones are not worth investing the time.

Krators are supposed to drop 1000-2500 Adena, they actually drop 500-1200

So I would say adena is also about half over there.

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