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Warlord + Dungeon = Bug


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Been doing the dungeon of abyss (aden) quest for 2 weeks now. every time that i gather 5 mobs... only 1 quest item is awarded.

why is that when i kill multiple enemys they only award me 1 quest item? i switched to blunt and i make the quest faster than killing in groups.


No group of monsters give me more than 1 quest item per group kill.

sometimes i stun them and leave them with low hp, then kill them manually 1 by 1 and a lot of times from a group of 4 monsters, i get 3 quest items.

is this a bug or what? 

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Well no, this isn't a bug, this is l2. Killing multiple mobs at the same time will give you 1 item every time, even in the "live servers. It mostlikey is because of the age of the engine, it's unable to register the multiple deaths. 

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You only have a 60% chance of one person in the party getting the quest item per mob from the Abyss quests. Can you replicate this issue with 100% certainty over and over again? None of the monsters in the dungeon are grouped so I cannot see how their quest drops would be triggered by different situations. Maybe a GM knows more if they have time and can chime in. 

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