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First Weapon to buy on a Scavenger


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Hi, im currently playing a scavenger level 23 and grinding Varnish, A. Bone and Iron Ore in Spider's Nest and slowly building a bank to buy myself a nice weapon.(500k so far)

Im still using the free hammer from level 10 and was wondering what weapon should i buy.

1h blunt? 2h blunt? or spear?

should i aim for a top D weapon? how much do those cost?

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I think it would be better for you to go step by step. Get a mid D weap first and then start accumulating money for a top D. I think it's cheapest if you craft it so choose a weapon and buy/farm the parts and mats for it. I find https://lineage.pmfun.com/ very useful for information on drops and weapon stats. 

PS. Don't forget the level 25 moon armor quest.

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11 minutes ago, Kurvora said:

Top D is the Tarbar

Tarbar isnt top, top 1-h blunt is bonebreaker, which is 2 milions+, i guess its gonna depend on what server.

And now, about question what weapon type - it all depends.
Spear is weapon to go with party and kill trains - on lvl 28 you gonna get aoe spoil festival, so you can spoil whole train at once.
I dont think its good choice for solo play on this lvl.

About 2-h blunt or 1-h - 2-h has a bit higher patk (92 vs 96), but its slower (fast vs normal), so it is all the same in terms of melee dps, but it might have difference if you use skills in hunting - 2-h gonna have slightly stronger hits by skills.

And, of course, with 2-h you cant have shield.

ps. I'd personally aim for tomahawk, which has pretty good availability and decent price.

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