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back in the days the sb...


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15 minutes ago, leoniums7 said:

the freaking spellbooks fill ours bags like crazy

now is like jesus dude give one i dont care what but give me one and yea there we go 

a freaking break duress! i love it





if everybody was getting a haste or dw u wouldnt need it to make money and I say that who got 3 sp chests 1 break duress 2 elf tank's life cubic!!!! so chill

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11 minutes ago, SinnS said:

I'm pretty sure 90ish% of the posters her have some jaded fictional idea of what l2 was back in the day and how 'easy' it was compared to this.

let me guess, u are 30+ still eating pizza and drink some soda while playing l2 8 hours+ per day

and defending the perfect nice drop rate we all got in this server. Cool mate!

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I honestly am beginning to think that there is something wrong with the SB: Death Whisper from Rotting Golems, and they go 15 days of farm with 4hs per day (60hs of farm) and just the last 2 days I got 2 Divine Power, really, can I really have so much bad luck? I do not know if it's bad luck or something is not fixed

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