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Unable to login on L2 website


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Since 5 or 6 days, maybe more, i can't login on lineage2.com, always got error "try again later".

Support is not able to help me and they don't say why. I'm able to login into the game (SE 44) and play flawlessly.

Hope there will not be any queue because my VIP1 will decade if i can't buy NCCoins...

Anyone with the same issue?


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5 minutes ago, Kurvora said:

As i said i'm able to login and play with no issue with my VIP1.

Yeah maybe i misread! I can log in fine! Check your e-mails with the filter of watching only NCsoft mails and look any u dont have read except those for IP verification!!!!

Maybe u missed something about that! Cant rly think whats the problem.

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