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Any Plains Walkers?


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I am playing a Plains Walker and I am a little offended by your post :)))

TBH it depends on your play style. Disclaimer: this is post will all be based on theory or on paper, as the thinking skills of the player behind the character is essential to a being a good dagger-player.

Obviously someone who wants high damage, should choose AW. Maximum crit damage passive is the basis for this.
For higher survivability and balance, choose TH. Higher CON and Mirage and Dash keeps off those nasty target-stickies off our back.

Now I picked PW not only because they look cool when throwing stabs (especially male elves), but because of reliability and versatility.
PW being an elf has average CON for a little more tankiness than AW, and highest DEX for stab land rate and skill critical rate. Now the reason AWs and THs get more love in other servers is because of the existence of runes that increase stab success rate, essentially making this DEX advantage negligible. If these runes are not to be implemented in our servers (which I heard are also slowly being deleted from other official servers), at least PWs will take more of this advantage. If you have good gears, the low STR will be negligible in end game. Also, being the class with the highest constant move speed among all classes is also reliable ---though having a Dash skill to burst a TH's speed every now and then is useful in numerous occasions. But then again, all 3 classes have skills to close the gap between them and their targets, with TH having 1 more skill in the form of Dash.

Now given AW, TH and PW are all at the same level, stab rates and skill critical rates should be highest in PW, then AW, and falling far behind is TH.
With the so-called "Focus-" skills, damage output from behind should be highest in AW, then PW, then a little behind is TH. Focus Death is given to both AW and PW, and this skill increases damage and success rate from behind by 90% and 60% respectively (if I'm not wrong). Focus Power is not as good as Focus Death, but gives the TH its needed boost in damage --- essentially making the 3 classes balanced in some ways. Focus Chance on Elf and TH should be reliable when fighting against other rogue classes under the effect of certain physical-evasion skills like UE and those that you get at level 80.

I have also watched a couple of YouTube videos of a certain eol69 in RU servers and he has played AW, TH and WR all at the same time, and essentially they are balanced, and you can't really see how one dagger is more efficient than the other. They are all able to kill fast and we should not have any problems as well in the end-game.

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I'm Plain walker and i played this class since C3. And i kicked the ass like if they were nothing of almost all AW and TH, with  plus or less egal  gear, that i fought so you can keep your word for you. PW is the god of Dagger specially at hight lvl

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Is true that ppl prefer TH (more tanky,dash,mirage) and AW (more dmg,probably best dagger for dealing highest dps) over PW,but all daggers are good in pvp if u know how to play them (of course with +5 dyes here they are already less and if runes will not be implemented like they are in other server probably they all will be quite useless).

More deeply,after 78 TH is probably the worst,focus death makes a big difference,and even if u have the rune,it doesnt raise up your chance by the % it declares (experiments were made on skelth about this),so even with rune AW/PW > TH after 78 for stab rate,and that is what matters more for a dagger.
But u have to consider that only backstab can raise its  % over 80%,other stabs seem to have a cap at 80% (other experiment on skelth).
Then,u have to consider some other skills,like throwing dagger,basically the one of AW is the worst,PW is quite usefull,better one is the one of TH but from what i read it will be nerfed while PW will have a boost in its "evasion skill" and AW in its "reflect skill" in future updates.
PW have also elemental heal,that seems nothing but sometimes it can save u if u go hide and use it.


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