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4 minutes ago, Bladeslaya said:

Aren't maintnance/patch notes normally posted by now? Chances are nothing will be fixed, and gatekeeper fees will be back, Enjoy not being able to afford to port anywhere again folks! 

time to walk/run again, zoooo0000o0o0o0o0o0m

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If they never touched lower level adena and they said it's suppose to be like that then a lot would just get over it, fact they change it where now if you lvl 25 you're making more then 40+. kinda of made people mad. They shouldn't of scale it at all and kept it as is and said Don't you all have credit cards. 

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57 minutes ago, Snoozel said:

Are you guys posting these today? Or afraid of backlash? lol

They probably haven't got good news to post, so yeah, afraid of backlash. I mean servers are getting emptier every day anyway lol. 

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