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Update on Adena and Drop Rates

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Since the launch of Lineage II Classic, we’ve received tons of your feedback regarding Adena, drops, and spoil rates in game. Based on that feedback, initially increased those rates by more than doubl

@Hime I don't know who did your research for you to come to this conclusion. But there is a huge difference in drop rates being challenging and adena rates being incorrect. VIP does not effect the dro

@Hime So it's intended that level 30 mobs give more than level 50+ mobs? Please tell me this is some poorly-timed April Fool's joke.   I seriously recommend you take down this post and recon

we do not need xp events or items we want to do our own thing as always was proposed in l2, they filled up the server of crap by modifying the things that were difficult to achieve and making everybody rise level wildly and now want to brake all with inconsistent drop of adena to do this, and everything as a basis to be concerted this is putting more XP event and 50% drop that bad taste joke. When it fails, and will fail please put titanic music next to the server closing post, do it for the players.

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2 hours ago, class3Rank1 said:

i don't care about how hard it's  i can walk with my friend from oren to aden i can travel by walking but PLEASE THIS IS REALLY IMPOTANT QUESTION 



Low adena in 40+ means no consumables and no gear, so slow xp. I think devs want it that way so no-lifers don't get ahead in levels and newcomers get dissapointed.

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1 hour ago, class3Rank1 said:

THEY HAD TO CHANGE VIP NEED TO GET MORE ADENA JUST LIKE 50 % and fixed the low level drop rate to the same  

because it's f2p then vip should get benefit  

or vip 4 can tp with out  fee  

alot more can be done 

This would create a huge gap, but i liked. Hope they hear you

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Just now, Noviscki said:

This would create a huge gap, but i liked. Hope they hear you

i thinking like u that right now server need  low level ppl to reach 40-50 and try to slow down a head level player  

it's just didn't reasonable for level 25-40 mobs more adena drop than level 50-60 mobs lol 

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1 minute ago, class3Rank1 said:

i thinking like u that right now server need  low level ppl to reach 40-50 and try to slow down a head level player  

it's just didn't reasonable for level 25-40 mobs more adena drop than level 50-60 mobs lol 

The problem is that are lot of area that needs to be fixed.well i really don't care, for me all this cry is just from people who want disencourage other players, i'm not satisfied with the actual game situation but so what? i will keep playing everyday until it get fixed. They know what they have to do.

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11 minutes ago, SoulOfBeast said:

OK, instead of fix the adena bug lets do an attendance event...nice.

49x2 = 98a

minium adena for timak orc warrior = 205a.





Report this by ticket, L2 wiki is a reliable source. more tickets there are, more likely it change their philosophy



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23 hours ago, Symphon said:


I want to give my opinion and experience.

I'm just a random player who join and create daily Party Matching. 

I need other people because i can't do solo stuff and that's not so bad becouse we can meet other people and enjoy the game with them.

I find many friendly random people like me, having pvp for obtain spot . I remember a day when all of my party become RED after many guys trying to get our train at partisan.

The game is thinking for having a CP or at least search for people to group with, if you are a solo player you have to trade with it.

You can join daily RB party .

Everyone crying and i can understand but is not so bad as you think, let me explain why :

Game as supposed to be hard, we all know that, but someone thinking that they can have all they want untill they reach the lvl required for the next gear.

Example: I'm just reached lvl 52 so i want to equip some B stuff. WRONG! Game is designed to equip stuff hard so u cant equip next gear so fast afteryou get the lvl required.

lvl 20-40 : You have D amor quest. No deal with armor cost.

If you grind up to 35 you obtain the access to AI daily scroll. 

You will get all the D equip (Just buy Weapons and Jewels) probably when u are closest to 40 when u are ready to equip C grade.

lvl 40-52: You have almost all D gears. You can have access to Aden Daily Dungeons. With some stategy you can just divide the cost of SS with a team mate. With some lucky drop you will reach C grade when you are closest to gear B stuff.

C Karmian sets  cost 1.3kk and i think everyone can obtain.

You will have 50% exp and adena Weekend events and other stuff will come.

Just think about it. If you reach item so fast the game will just end in 1 months. This game is supposed to be ended after one year, not almost 1 months.(for who have a normal life, becouse i have already seen a lot of guy with B stuff!).

This is not classic, you are right, it's "custom"! 

But is not impossible to play! if you like it just play it! 

Stop cry...



Im happy Player! :)

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VIP really needs to affect Adena (and Spoil) drops, and it needs to be far more than 50% to make the game playable with the current base rates.

My party is functioning just fine, but not even a small minority of the playerbase can play like at that level.  The game has a non-functioning economy at this point and progression is masochistically difficult.  It should not take leveling multiple-alts or deleveling main characters to progress in the game, it makes no sense from a developmental point of view.  Also, are you going to farm 1 mill adena on alts when progression costs 100mill and not 5? Good luck making 100 characters to level 40.  The leveling alts solution functions just fine at D grade and even somewhat at C grade.  It is a solution that does not scale into the later game though, because Adena rates are broken. 

Most people who are geared at this point are either in the 2 raiding alliances or are buying adena.  There are exceptions but they are few.  Even worse, the lowest level mobs drop the most adena when you consider effort involved to hunt them.  This is a botters paradise and people who enjoy buying adena will obviously defend it as ideal.  The reason they are not banning bots fast enough is that the botters lose nothing, if they lose 9 accounts they can be back up in running in the same spot in under a day.  This is unsustainable. 

If Adena scaled properly with mob level then botters would have a far more difficult task, and demand for adena purchasing would be far lower as players could progress naturally.

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Pathetic. First week or two was fun reliving some fond memories now it aint even worth it anymore. Haven't logged in since the beginning of the month and after this announcement I will uninstall when I get home cause its clear this game will not be enjoyable anymore. Shouldn't have to stay in the 20s level range to actually play this game. I never had to do it 14 years ago and I certainly won't do it today.


Least you won't have to worry about the forums being spammed about the queue now.  


Good job ruining the servers and they aren't even 2 months old yet.

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Most player base is telling you that the rates make no sense at all.

Most of your player base are in their mid 30s, have jobs that allow them to pay for coins and VIP and also families, that demand their time as well.

If you make the experience so unrewarding player base will chooose to spend the limited time for "gaming" in other place also with their USD. As simple as that. 

Now for sure it will be not in an instant. But your LIVE servers used to be a several mores and with your "wise" guidence reduce to 2 poorly populated servers..........

On other hand you are deleting post that do no insult or  violate your conduct code , like the one that posted a picture of uninstall success , that was hilarious, draw a smile on my face  . If you cant take what your clients tell ya about your "wise" decesion, then choose more wisely dont you think?

Very sad indeed..........

Well i hoppe you speed up the jewels and cloacks that are on other f2p versions to nail the coffing quickly and we all move on away from this ...


And stop deleting post with no reason, is rude unpolite, 

It is not the right way to treat your customers

Just    end the topic with a final answer...    @Hime  @Juji



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There are 32k views in this exact thread and you haven't commented even once after OP. How is that even possible?? I cannot think any sort of company that would care less for their customers!


Will you please say at least something to your player base instead of deleting comments???

Let me remind you
1) Adena scaling
2) Drop and spoil Rate
3) Bot problem

4) Wrong (?) patch notes (non existent 70 lvl cap is the newest "bug" discovered)

5) Dyes
6) Flag loss on restart
7) Geodata problems


There are more but let's stay at these for the time

(sorry for my bad english)



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On 11/29/2018 at 10:05 AM, Irlu said:

Most player base is telling you that the rates make no sense at all.

The best thing is that they probably starting to feel like people protest the crooked rates less and less... Maybe because more and more people leave to illegal server or quite L2 completely 

Don't forget to delete my post because I dared to disagree with the rates :D 

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On 11/27/2018 at 5:54 PM, Hime said:

Since the launch of Lineage II Classic, we’ve received tons of your feedback regarding Adena, drops, and spoil rates in game. Based on that feedback, initially increased those rates by more than double, and addressed key group areas that had lower than intended rates.

After observing the impact had in-game, and discussing with the development team, we concluded that no additional rate changes will be made. Our rates for free players are parallel with the other regions that offer Lineage II Classic as free-to-play. Ultimately, the nature of Lineage II Classic is that acquiring Adena and items are meant to be challenging, as players must decide strategically how they spend their Adena.

We recognize the concerns of our players, and we will be running the Attendance Checklist event along with weekend server boosts for the remainder of 2018. There will also be seasonable events that we run from time to time to acquire various reward items. 

The Attendance Checklist event will start after maintenance this week and the first weekend server boost event will start this Saturday.

Information on the Attendance Checklist and Server Settings can be read here: https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-holiday-events-2018

OK bye bye, it was fun to replay the beginning but you will have the same issues with bots and Adena buying and selling cause your drop rates suck. So was fun now GAME OVER.

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I will not suport VIP program anymore .

There are no benefits that really help me and justify spending real money.  I am not happy with the gaming experience you offers , especially with adena drop rates .


Thanks .


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