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The maintenance that is really needed


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The truth, I do not know how those in the development department do not understand it, down here I will put what really needs to be changed, and I do not do it because I want an easier game, I just want a NORMAL game.

The maintenance that is really needed:

- Adena Fix in mobs +40 (Drop x1 as the wikipedia says (which I estimate is official))

- Adena fix in SOLO AREA FARM (this is a party-game, thats true, but nobody is in party 24/7, so, manytimes we have to farm alone and cant farm in PARTY AREAS, because we're alone, lol)

- Spol: rate / quantity (I am not a spoiler, but I have read that many complain about it. I have lvling a dwarf from 1 to 22 nomas and I have noticed it quite scarce, if it is so, I would consider it important to change it)


The maintenance they give us:

- GK pays even when the adena is not fixed

- Even Boost (+50% XP / SP / Adena / Drop): Two days a week, leaving so in the party places that already gave much adena, now GIVE EVEN MORE, and in areas that give little adena, give normal. And the other days? 5 out of 7 of the week? the server will remain the same as always? with unpayable GKs and minimum drops? (WTF?!?!)



- Adena resellers are really spammers

For now I do not remember anything else, if you know of a major change what you can add.

I want it to be understood, I do not want an EASY server, I want a GOOD and NORMAL game. It does not make sense to spend hours walking EVERY DAY or spending time on tiny things like walking from one spot to another. Less makes sense than a mob lvl 30 more adena than a 55.

No offense, I want the server to grow and be good, personally I put a lot of time and money into it and I want to play it for a long time, but the changes that are being made are really wrong.


@Hime and @Juji



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