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Alright community, whats next? Other issues.

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Hey everyone, Demised leader of RICE here.


I think things are pretty clear here. There is no reason to keep beating a dead horse about rates. NCwest has their own agenda in these regards, I'm not going to even begin speculating motives. Lets be adults here and move on to other important issues still at hand. Here is what I'd like to address.

  • Bots! ~ No one likes them. They aren't going anywhere. They've been here for 14 or so years. My question to @Juji @Hime what is the most effective thing we can do as a community to assist in this problem. I know you've made a post directing people to make tickets. But let's expand on that a bit more. What is the best way we can go about shedding some light on these people? Should we take videos of them and send them to you directly? The reason why I take the time to ask, is because I've personally noticed these bots at high level 55+ areas. Even after my friends and I have reported them multiple times, they're still there doing the same exact thing. Is there maybe something that you guys can do to work with us on this? This leads to my next point.
  • Adena sellers and inflation! ~ This is kind of like the bot ordeal. They've been here for 14 or so years. Is there something that you guys are doing to stomp out this problem? I would hate for history to repeat itself. The time in L2 LIVE when prices on everything was so inflated you had an incredibly hard time starting fresh. So the game just started going down hill because it was so hard for anyone new to join the server. Where the only people who thrived were established veterans and botters. How do we help go about this issue? Is this something that you're working on tackling?
  • Drop rates on Proof of Blood! ~ So being the leader of a top clan on Aden. This is a huge concern of mine. I've been to Dragon Valley with my clan. We've spent quite a substantial amount of time there killing Bloody Queens. It doesn't seem like they are something you can farm for Proof of Blood. It would literally take years. That's not an exaggeration. Years at Bloody Queens, to farm 5000 Proof of Blood. When you're higher level, you can't get those drops from Cruma Tower anymore. Is it intended for the population to just have enough people farming in Cruma Tower to supply all the clans on the server with 5000 proof of blood to reach level 4 clan? Is it intended that we make new characters specifically to go farm Cruma Tower? It feels quite odd being one of the highest levels on the server, and a leader of a clan, yet I'm unable to help bring my clan to higher levels. I don't even want to think about how long it will take to reach level 5 clan.

These currently are my biggest concerns. I'm all for a hardcore grind, and long term progression, grinding in L2 is therapeutic for me. But things are farm from alright. Can we talk about these issues for a while and move past the server rates?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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