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Let's make a civilized complain.


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Let's see if this post doesn't get deleted.

I can say 100% that the guys behind this game never actually played it, never tested it or even care about it, the insane mistakes they make, halloween worst even ever, the first monter afk event aswell, aden dungeon truly bad, worst rates to begin with, then fix some zones to make the game TRULY BROKEN, while not adjusting tp cost for example, I mean, you guys expect for true honest players to farm 3 hours to then spend it all on soulshots and necessary tps and lose adena with it? come on, be rational.

Also, before calling me a noob, I have a 49 dagger with 200 xp scrools, boxed pp, never got any Top D wep from halloween, best thing from aden dungeon was EWC's, and i have top D dagger and bow, by simply got a bit lucky on full drops and got items from the friends that quit, otherwise i was broke 100%, and it bums me out that i'm losing my adena slowly when i farm because i simply cant sustain soulshots, so i can imagine people who weren't as lucky as me... and i wont grind on a server that in 3 months will be dominated by bots and adena sellers, no1 will, with the broken rates you encourage bots to farm in low lvl zones, and strong cps on LOA to then sell the adena they get and make profit, we all know about it, and simple solutions could solve it.

Just bleepin hire an old school player with half a brain and let him give you the ideas for a stable server, I mean this is litearlly going a downfall.

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