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Maximum level was not 70?


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1 hour ago, RickRoss said:

Server was announced as 1.5. On 1.5 you can lvl up max 75 i think and its not capped just mobs on 75 are blue and you cant get the exp to lvl up. Since here is totally custom and there is TOI for example you can go up to 78-79.

They say in the stream and in the early patch notes, that que max lvl would be 70. They say "this is a custom 1.5", and they posted the "custom" things, like cap of lvl. 

Is sad to see that the "crying comunity" isnt rly a cry baby... but the staff... sux :(

Almost the same experience that illegal servers, and the same experiencia most of us who are paying, didnt want to feel anymore... 

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2 minutes ago, AngeMarkel said:

the question is, does he means lvl cap in player lvl or monster lvl.

since as far as i know there arent any mobs above 70 around

Player level cap, he says it again a bit later if you watch more and not just few seconds.

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1 hour ago, NoTalent said:

I cannot believe that they are so freaking amateurs....!!!! Hahahahahah!

Does 71 gave skills too??? There are some skills learnt at the chat log.

72 has a skill on mages. I assume other classes have a lvl 72 skill shown in our current build as well.  You can see this in the unlearned skill window.

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