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Talking Island CP Recruiting


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NA CP on Talking Island is looking for some active English speaking players. 

We are looking for a live BD / SWS / Bishop / WC or PP.  We have all of these currently but box them or have friends play theirs. 

Ideally CP applicants would be 46+ but we would consider lower level if you are a good player with history here and willing to get in range of our characters. 

This CP will be for PvE / Raids / PvP and events as they are introduced.  Siege attendance will be a must later on.  Use of TS / Discord while gaming will be needed often.

We have groups up a few hours a night between 4pm and 2am Eastern during the week and random times on weekend.  You would need to play a sometime during that schedule for this to work.

Priority given to those who also can box rechargers out of party and have other chars to help with xp/adena making on the side.

Please mail Gritty in game on Talking Island or post here.

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