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I have come up with some suggestions for 2 problems in server, dont know how hard it will be to implement but hell this is worth trying.

Ingame anti bot system:

Basically there will be a special mob added to every zone which will have the same name as the mobs in that specific zone but will look completely different, all of these fake mobs will share the same looks globally.

Attacking this "fake" mob will result in an instant kill.

Every human player could see that its different and hopefully will not be stupid enough to attack it. (i guess it will take a week for people to understand not to attack it)

Spawning - either make them spawn and stay alive until hit, or spawn them with a timer so they disappear after a while

The idea is to have a normal zone with normal mobs and 1-2 fake mobs present (added to the amount of mobs not replaced)

Maybe also add the captcha pop up as soon as someone kills it to prevent bot auto ress (with a lower timer to punch in the code)


Recent GK problems:

Since the company are not willing to change rates anymore, I suggest having mount scrolls that can be bought in grocery store for obviously less then the GK prices.

People would be able to choose to either teleport, run, or use the mount scrolls.

Mount scrolls will spawn a mount for you to use that will have higher speed and will make it easier to travel between zones.

Mounts will disappear after dismount.

Basically its a 3rd job mount skill for low levels with adena cost.


Everyone is welcome to suggest/comment about these or other issues.

I believe that giving possible solutions instead of just raging about server could maybe come in handy for us later on.

Thanks for reading.

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