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I didn't except that so soon, but you got talent on kicking people from the servers. You should consider of merging servers, like Gludio+Aden for start, then you can open char transfering from the new Gludio-Aden server and TI/Giran.

About changes, that's gonna be a short story.. Well, I'm always saying L2Store destroyed the Lineage, but lets say okay you wanna make money I get it. (You don't like getting 10$-15$ per account/month?!? well... I guess you not)
- Now let's go to the important, you made an annoucement about adena rates that should stay hardcore, alright I get it, I like running from town to town and watching people doing the same but you already failed on that, first month afk event free top D weapons, that's for private pvp servers not the classic hardcore you want (The f*****ng weapons were tradeable and EWD's weren't, what kind of human thought of that?) Then you changing 0-40lvl areas to x2-x2.5 adena rate and left the 40+ areas as it was, people whining cause you didn't change whole map and now Ant nest giving more adena than at 50+ lvl solo areas, how is that even possible? Just change the whole map, 4GAME company got a database which you don't like and mess it up, well have you ever thought that it might got balance like that and should stay like that? Just saying.. 
- These f*****ng spammers in every town, should be banned.. eh I said the wrong word didn't I? You have no idea what banning the right chars means, well at least no chat for chars lower than 20 lvl without first class except your lovely VIP's, so they have to lvl up a 20 lvl char and do the quest or pay 5$, I already know EE got easy quest, but that's something.
- Just log in your game, not only 1 time per week cause of maintenance while all bots are off, walk on the map and you will see hundreds of mages with pets using bot programm, I'll say 3 fast locations.. Cruma marshlands, Execution grounds, Wastelands on the beach. 20 days ago we had 1500 no VIP queue and 400-500 VIP queue and now even on weekends we got no queue at all, tbh server population can't even reach 6k in prime time anymore, which from 5.5k online are 2k real players+shops / 2k boxes / 1.5k bots and servers are not even 2 months alive, DAMN THAT WAS FAST.
You should start thinking about the server, what mistakes you did and fix stuff, which I doubt but anyways. Lineage is old and you wanna make money, alright we get it but as business you failing too, you should keep people with you not taking the first money and kicking away, for example I and my party paid 30$ in the start of the server for the pack (If I new it could be like this, mix patches and non stop bots without getting banned, I wouldn't start even if you were paying me) but we won't give more money, guess why.. 

P.S Folks make PK toons and kill the PETS OF BOTTERS, YOU WON'T GET PK COUNT, JUST KARMA AND IT'S EASY TO CLEAN, then botters will die or wait 1h+ for the next pet. I'm gonna make a 50 lvl PK toon just for that, I'll bloody enjoy it!

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On 30/11/2018 at 8:49 AM, Lightkeeper said:

Gludio + Aden merge asap please! Before more people leave... Don't take another weeks to make this decision, yesterday was too late. @Hime @Juji

Ye right, we're not even close, seems like they just exist to announce poor maintenances with 5h downtime and that's it.

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I do not know if it's a good idea to merge, to me the truth is that the game is too good for me when there are few people xD if it's full it's all saturated and it's bad (it's not an ISP or ping problem).

In the case that merge, it would be a good idea to respect the schedule of server Gludio (GMT -3) because I think there are many more people of SA than NA-West

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