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Question about ban

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Hello, the other day i try to log in my pet (Lvl 19 SE) and was blocked, i send a mail and they answer me it was bot, i really wasn't botting, they told me to stop sending mails because they will ignore me, today a friend told me he got the same problem but with his full gear char lvl 40+, my question here is how do you guys ban? because i'm a little scare of trading my items to new chars to lvl up fast, its there anything we can know please? I hope this topic can be answered by @Juji or @Hime and not the other bots. i will post the answer i got, i'm pretty sure lot of you guys have the same answer in your emails. I hope the bots dont close this topic and i can get a good answer not "greetings"



Our position on the account action has not changed. As previously stated, the action is permanent and will not be overturned.

As this issue has been fully reviewed and addressed to the highest degree that can be done, we are unable to assist you any further. As such, further replies or new support tickets regarding this account or issue may not receive a response.


NCSOFT Support Team

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