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PK does not lose karma, Summoner use no-grade up from level 1 to level 50 60. without buying items


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Point 1 (First question)
Settings help bots, but they do not help clean players. The best solution against the bots is the PK, we can have fun giving pk in bots. that would be fun. however, with such ridiculous configuration it is impossible. Lineage 2, you pk and kill the mobs to take off the karma. Here karma does not come out. you can kill 1 million mobs and continue with karma. this is ridiculous. More now ncsoft is selling pk scroll. so I understand why this is so, the reason is Money.

Point 2 (Second question)

Summoner, Elves, Dark Elves and Humans. We know there are people who can open 10 screens, 20 screens, endless screens and characters while a normal player can open only 3. ok. Adena sellers create a level 1 summoner and stay 24 hours up with no-grade items. They do quests of classes and quest of the moon armor alone, automatically with scripts. So they do not need to play the game and they do not have to buy Soulshot, weapons or armor, because summon kills everything without needing anything. This is paradise for the bots and the nightmare for clean players. We can not put together a lot of adena, because we need to buy items, the bots have no expense, just profit.

Point 3 ( Third question, final)

I'm a clean player. I have a good GEAR. I need to stop working, stop being with the family, leave my personal life aside to play and to have a good GEAR and good items. And bots can let their characters up and farm without having to be on the computer, they can take care of their person life, take care of family, work, have a time for leisure, and their characters keep on farming without stopping, and they even earn money selling adena. We think, are we on the right side? Is it worth being a clean player? or should we all be dirty?


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11 minutes ago, Krissa said:

You are what you do.

of course, plus the point here is equality, fairness, gameplay, quality in gameplay with equality for all. we can not play a game that the hacker is free. A normal player needs to use his hands and fingers to play. a bot just needs the program and your eyes.

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Did you know that there are people taking care of the bot by the smartphone? with remote access programs. In short, they do not need to be at home or on the computer. can be anywhere in the world with wi-fi that may be configuring the bot and letting its personages 24 hours to farm without worries.

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