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enchanting guide help

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can someone point me to right direction for guide for enchanting. seen one on another site but want make sure i'm getting right info. had read +1-3 is 100 % to start with


also swear  I seen a npc that made enchant scrolls for d weaps. waned something like 50k and 200 soul stones or something but for life of me can't find that npc now

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All standard equipment items (weapons, shields, helmets, gloves, boots, chestpieces, leggings, earrings, rings, necklaces and belts) have a 100% enchant rate up to +2->+3. Full armors (an item that takes both chestpiece and legging slots) have a 100% enchant rate up to +3->+4.

The NPC you are looking for should be in Giran Luxury Shop

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