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Please Help Account locked.


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Someone GM or Moderator please help, I have already sent a ticket to appeals@NCSoft.com.

My Request # is 17639271  

My account was locked and it has to be because I was double charged for my automatic renewal of the monthly subscription prestige pack.

My bank told me it was in fact a double charge ($15.00 x 2 on Feb 14th via paypal)

And now 2 days or so later my account is locked. Please help, I've been playing since 2004... and I would never back charge a measly $15.00 when I have spent way more than that per event, I mean I have even been a subscription member for over 2 years and I am way to honest to try scam a company or anyone.


Thanks for any help you can offer on a speedie resolution. And obviously this account I am posting from is not my account that is locked, that's why I put the appeals ticket number.

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