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Forums are regularly used for personal attacks, insults and uninformed opinions. I have never used my forum alter ego to covertly attack others, all I do and say is out in the open. So I created this post so I, and anyone else who believes in "walking the talk", can show everyone else that we have nothing to hide, so this is who I am: 

Current server and main character: Talking Island > Ossie (Alts Valar & Kinvara). Current member of Dinasty.

Former server and main character: Bartz > Chronos > Naia - Itillien (Main Alt Oestemnet). Former member of multiple clans but last one on Chronos was MS and then moved to Ministry of Chaos in Naia.

L2 Player since: Prelude, with a 4 year pause after around the time of High Five (due to health issues and game burnout).

Feel free to post your identities, show everyone you got nothing to hide.

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