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Streaming Classic L2 ! Sub Sunday Giveaway !

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   Hello, I am Samurai_Karl I am twitch streamer playing an Elemental Summoner on the l2 classic server Talking Island.  Starting on Sunday, December 9, 2018, I am starting my Sub Sunday Giveaway. I will be giving away a 2000 Nc coin card worth 25 bucks. I will also give away a 2nd NC Coin card at 25 subs and a 3rd at 50 subs. Subscribers will have x3 luck in the giveaways so there is a good reason to support the channel. I am going to do some sort of giveaway every Sunday starting December 9, 2018, going forward.

I have been playing lineage 2 since prelude into chronicle 3 and then I came back when the game 1st went free to play during Goddess of Destruction. I played a Yui archer to 99 on the Chronos server. 

Hope to See you all in chat. 





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