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Unforsaken Clan on TI is Recruiting


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Unforsaken | Clan: Lv 3 | Karma: Networking

Welcome to our Recruiting Page~

We are a group that leaves no man, or woman, behind that has grown its roots on the Talking Island server! We are actively recruiting English speaking,  fun and open-minded members to join our ranks that thrive in daily clan parties. Our prime times are  7pm - 12am weekdays CDT, 5pm - 1am Saturdays CDT and anywhere from 12pm - 1am Sundays CDT.

Recruiting: Lv 40+ | Class: BP / SwS / BD / EE / WC / BH / Tank / Warlord

You can PM Doll and jasDADDY in game or you can DM Doll#8231 and emw#6023 on Discord to introduce yourself or for more info!


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You want a clan that help out , that is on top of every detail of the game ? the this is your clan . There is no fee , no forcing you to be on in weird times . This clan is dedicated in to take advantage of the best areas of the game , like partying for farming and Partying for xp . IS easy try it if you like good if you don't then eject . :D

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