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i see that bot repoting was setted to 10, this saves the people as me from fake reporters and stalkers in game, but, this gives a big advantage to solo bots around mitril mines and hard places as that


i think could be nice this system


3 bot report 1 captcha, next time 10 bot reports 1 captcha, next time, 100 bot reports 1 captcha


with this, at last, you are allowing to report bots at the first 3 times


me as a human i can complete the captchas, but bots cant, i think with this system we can fight against fake reporters, and bots



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The change from 3 to 10 was done over a month ago and I don't know why it's being listed again. The change was made relatively early on as people were abusing the report function when engaging in PVP. I noticed a drastic drop in captcha pop ups after the change was announced.

The major bots are very capable of answering captchas BTW.

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Bot report is useless here.

I report the same bot Sea of Spores 5 fkng days 24hrs

No ban.

I report bot on ivory tower crater 3 fkng days 24hrs

No ban.

I give up this classic.

Bots takes all spot farm book, its impossible to dispute bots. Mob respaw insta kill.

Maybe NCSoft bankrupt to hire 4 fkng people (1 each server) to ban bots.

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