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2 hours ago, Tembo said:

So does this mean if there's a multiplier (say, 1.2x for a 2-person party), and a mob gives 1,000xp, would it be bumped up to 1200xp then divded by two (600xp each), or will both players now get 1200xp?

its 60% bonus if u duo (x1.6 ) . 

solo exp 1000 . duo exp 800 each

also if the box is lower level he get lower exp while u get more. IF the box is 8-14 lvl  lower  u will get full exp  1000 and the lower lvl char will get some extra "free" exp.

there was a "bug" at start where u could get more then 1000 if ur duo is 9 levels or lower but i think they fixed it.  i guess thats what OP is trying to say but i think its fixed already.

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