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What Support good with SR


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1 hour ago, M00nrain said:

I plan to play Silver Ranger but can't decide what healer or buffer I should use as dual box

I heard PP or WC have a lot fighter buff but can't decide(maybe other support can recommended)

Prophet is better because of Bless the Body/Soul, Zerk and more heals.

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if you  want 1 support then profet is the way to go , he has all the buffs a warcrier has  but you get them sooner plus berzerker buff witch is Super usefull as an archer and  also some minor other buffs like bless the body ,mental shield(a must for pvp), holyweapon  and also has more mp left for heals.

if you are greedy and want 2 supports then get  profet+ bladedancer

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