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WTT Adena from server Gludio to server Giran

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Aykanaro    3

Good guys,

At first I started to play on the gludio server, but my clan partners switched to the rotary server, so I decided to switch to this server too, so I want to trade the adena that I have on the gludio server by the server's server of Giran (I have 1.65kk in cash).

The procedure will consist in that the pj interested in trading his adena with me, will create in the gludio server a shop with 8 arrows or any material worth 200 k each unit and I will do the same in the Giran server; and in turn we will buy the arrows to trade all agreed adena.

If someone is interested in making the change that you write me in this post, or that I whispered to Aykanaro in the server of rotate or clarifier in the gludio server or also send me an ingame mail,

Thank you.

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Aykanaro    3

perfect because it saves everything and we make the change as soon as I can connect. Probably today I can not connect, but tomorrow I am sure.
Which character do I speak on the server of giran and on the gludio server?

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