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Something is wrong with exp table


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According to l2wiki I needed 67.7m exp to get from 55 to 56. I was 55.17% and used 49 1m exp scrolls and became 55.58...(47 exp scrolls supposed to give like 72% and gave only 40). Whats wrong with this classic? From the beginning I play with feeling that it is still in alpha test.

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7 hours ago, Gaspa said:

yah its an issue with 55lvl, 55level needs more than 56 lvl :)

there is usually a ~10% more exp needed for that level at other classics but on our servers its 100% not 10. :D

55>56 need more exp then 60>61 actually xD

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It's actually good, by the time most people get to 55 they are SP starved by overhit/scroll usage, even by 56 I'm guessing most players won't even get 1/3 of their skills, even with the increased table.

I wouldn't worry much about it, it actually helps you.

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7 hours ago, Shakedown said:

Yes, it's been confirmed lvl 55 = 100kk xp (or something like that)

Juji or hime commented that it has been sent to devs but there has been no discussion since then.


56 and 57 are also affected and then 58 it goes back to the l2 classic wiki formula. 

But they are just gonna come back and say, working as intended.

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