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Where to lvl at 35


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Is hard to farm cleric solo mode :D best way is cleric as box and farm him with dd, now if u like to farm alone there is a undead mob with x2 hp (double xp) in hardins private academy, from giran or hunters village gatekeeper, idk more undead mobs for +35, lv30 to 35 yes killing skeletons in forgotten temple but from lv35 no idea.


You have daily quest from lv35 ,kill 100 NOS in alligator island but u need to do in party strong mobs, (3 million xp x day easy), and with group to lv 35 maybe cruma tower or inside ant nest killing noble ants.



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On 12/8/2018 at 10:10 PM, Silverrmoon said:

Hello Guy's

Like the title say, where to level at 35?

If I go solo, where should I go? (Best place with undead since i am cleric and depend on my disrupt undead nuke)

If I go party, where are the best place

Thank you all ^^


farm where mobs are green and easy to kill for you and collect ai scrolls then hit 40 in one big swoop

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8 hours ago, Silverrmoon said:

Anyone please let me know


Thank you for sharing the information ^^

Fettered souls at academy are pretty much the only Undead mobs at 35.
U can also try Ghouls at execution . u can stay there until u hit 38 if u cant handle the fettered souls, but keep in mind Ghouls have "Very strong" mdef so they are not so easy aswell.

u will run out of mana after ~10 fettered souls probably.. ur best bet is to find party at Ant nest or cruma tower imo and just heal/buff.  leveling solo a cleric is pain.

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