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PVP boost and reduction items


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I would like to have an updated list for pvp/general dmg boost and reduction items. I will list all i know of here and u can add more.

PVP boost:

Dark Weapon: +15%

3 sa: +15%

Amethyst (depending on lvl)

Weapon augment: +10%

Ruler belt: 8%

Augment on hair accessory: +5%

Paagrio Might: +10%


PVP reduction:

Dark Armor: -20%

Obsidian (depending on lvl)

Weapon augment -10%

Ruler belt: -9%

Augment on hair accessory: -5%

Freya Barrier: -10%

+10 set: -10% fixed dmg

Insanity: -10% fixed dmg

7S: -3% dmg


and i do not list special class skills, like kamael classes +pvp dmg, or skill enchants pvp route, although it would be interesting to see which classes are pvp oriented based on enchant routes

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Abundance Talisman -15%

Clan Skills (Protection of Darkness -5% / Knight of Darkness +10%)

Various Soul Crystals for weapon +5%



p.s. 3rd sa on weapon is -5% pvp damage, not +15% (its +15% boost in hp)

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2 augments on cloaks - PVP dmg/def up to 10%

PVP cloak - PVP dmg depends on OE

New hair accessory augment - PVP dmg/def up to 5% is already on list

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