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Skills Protection of Faith and Final Ultimate Defensa: Bad Skills


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Good morning (Using the google / bing translator)

To all the Sigel Knight of the game, everyone knows that these skills have gotten worse, bad, and many wonder what NCsoft or the creators or creators of the game had in mind. Because the Ultimate Ultimate Defense was far superior, it really kept the Sigel alive, this new Final Ultimate Defense is a bland joke, because in the description says that it limits the damages in 600, however it is proportional to its P.Defesa, that is, depends on your P.Defesa, so it will never limit damage to the maximum of 600...


Protection of Faith is the same, limiting maximum damage to 850, but is proportional to your P.Defesa, and increases your speed by 80 and leaves you immune to stun and hold. But, as everyone knows, the bottom line is that damage is greater, since NCsoft has taken the trouble to increase the damage on each update of all DDs. However, using a fight in the Olympics against a Feoh, I activated the Ultimate Defense skill, and even then, even with the skill activated, I took 83,000 damage. Well, I've been asking myself this question since the skill limits to 600, but it's proportional to P.Defesa, and worse, Skill does not allow you to use Focus Shield and Raise Shield, but Sigel is actually helpless. That's where I analyzed, Focus Shield makes it clear that 80% increase of M.Defesa, of course in my lvl yes, Reise Shield makes it clear that increases 80% of P.Defesa. One, facing Wizard and others for Warrior. Nine Aegis increases by 50% P.Defense / M.Defense and protection against Bow / Crossbow and etc. The bid is just this, Protection of Faith and Final Ultimate Defense makes one thing clear, it limits physical damage only, not protection from any magical damage. For when the skill of both physical and magic protection, it acts like the Nine Aegis that makes clear, which increases by 50% P.Defesa / M.Defesa, Reise Shield only increases by 80% of P.Defesa and Focus only increases 80% of M.Defesa. Summarizing everything, Protection of Faith and Final Ultimate Defense are two skills that only protect against physical damage, the description makes clear this: Maximum damage received is 600, depending on your P.Defesa. So today I understood that when using both, the Feoh, Wizard in general, and Summons party. I do not understand NCsoft's reason why Final Focus does not allow the use of Focus Shield, since Final Ultimate Defense does not protect against magical damage ... NCSoft, a company that needs to be restructured in the skill-building, skills because this is complicated.

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